Cranberry Vanilla Bean Caramel


I have wanted to try and make caramel but looking for that extra something special. This is it! It may just make my 25 Days of Cookie list even though it technically isn’t a cookie.

The Craving Chronicles

I think I might need a caramel intervention.

I can’t stop making and eating caramel this fall. On cupcakes. With pudding. In my morning breakfast yogurt. With my fingers. (What?)

Cranberry Vanilla Bean Caramel

In the last recipe I mentioned that I made cranberry caramel, but I think it got a little outshined by the pumpkin pie pudding. So I decided to feature the caramel on it’s own because, you guys – this stuff is amazing. Life changing. Soul saving. Heavens open up and sing when you taste it. It’s that good.

I know it’s the day before Thanksgiving and you already have a million things to make between today and tomorrow, but if you find yourself with a spare hour or so, make this cranberry caramel. It’s sweet and tart. Flecked with vanilla bean. It has so many layers of flavor and it tastes great on almost anything. If it…

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I am a graphic designer, jewelry designer and fabric artisan. I'm a mother of 3 wild boys, a wife, and wear many more hats. I love the outdoors and spending time not only with my boys but love being creative and designing wonderful things for friends and family. This blog is about life, experiences, trials and tribulations of motherhood and life with boys as well as new recipes, cooking, baking, crafting & sewing. Hope you enjoy!

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    • Yes I did. I’m going to try those as well. I’m new at this blogging thing so I’m trying to tread lightly til I get used to it. I love to bake and try new recipes so I’ll be checking your site regularly. Thanks!

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